Avito on the 5th floor 

Type of Premises
New office
Area To Design
2300 м2

Winner of the Best Office Awards 2019 in the “Flexible Office” category

Avito Internet holding is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. In just a decade, the team has grown three hundred times, the total area of ​​offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg amounted to about 11,000 sq. m. The evolution of the workspace is also impressive – from a small office on Tverskaya Street to bright, creative interiors on four floors of the prestigious White Gardens business center, awarded with design awards. In 2018, the company continued to grow and then one more 5th floor was rented in the business center for the AvitoTech division.

Agile platform
At AvitoTech, it was required to equip places for project teams of 5-8 people, convenient for both individual work and all kinds of meetings. Moreover, it was necessary to create a multifunctional, transformable space, since the number and composition of teams can change. In addition, it was necessary to provide roomy areas for meetings of large groups, since several teams are united in “units”.