Type of Premises
New office
Area To Design
3000 м2

7 Lesnaya Street, White Gardens Business Center, Moscow, Russia

The main goal during the implementation of the project for the Moscow office of JetBrains was to create a modern interior accompanied by the latest trends, in which a highly efficient work environment and functionality are combined with comfort.

The office was built according to the cabinet principle, since the company provides a closed and isolated space for each computer programmer. We have carefully worked on the space, it lacks the routine of corridors, typical for the cabinet system. The black and white graphic interior, with the addition of color accents, gradient streamers and unusual furniture and ceiling elements, creates an incredibly inspiring space filled with light and air. We worked with materials, textures and shapes, thereby creating maximum comfort for each employee.

We managed to create an integral design solution that will become an undeniable positive addition to the image of the office of an international company. I believe that we have managed to combine functional and ideological tasks and create something unique.

The office is equipped with all the necessary modern engineering systems, such as ventilation, air conditioning and heating, water supply and sewerage, electricity and electric lighting, fire safety systems, IT systems and security systems

Within the framework of the electric lighting project, lighting control is widely provided with dimming according to the DALI protocol, which allows, on the one hand, an individual approach to adjusting the illumination level of each room, and on the other hand, provides energy savings.

Project team and time

Lobanov Denis, Kasyanova Anna, Kapchuk Mikhail, Kogan Olga, Balukova Yulia, Morozova Yana, Plyusnina Natalya and other OFFICEPROJECT stars who spent at least 2.364 hours of the time taken into account during 16 weeks of design and 4 months of field supervision. And that’s not counting the specialties of engineers and builders.

Amount of work

  1. General design with linkage of adjacent sections
  2. Office technology project
  3. Architectural interiors
  4. Internal engineering systems

Stages of design work

  1. Concept
  2. Preliminary design
  3. Preliminary release of working documents for budgeting and selection of a construction company (tender package)
  4. Optimization of cost indicators and finalization of working documents based on budgeting results
  5. Support for tender procedures for the selection of a general contractor
  6. Support for tender procedures for the selection of a supplier of furniture solutions
  7. Author’s supervision