Philip Morris in Saint Petersburg 

Philip Morris Sales & Marketing
Type of Premises
New office
Area To Design
2217 м2

15-2 Chapaeva street, Saint Petersburg

Design stages

1) Concept
2) Sketch Design
3) Tender package for choosing a construction company
4) Support for tender procedures
5) Working documentation
6) Designer supervision

Amount of work

General design with linkage of adjacent sections
Office technology project
Architectural interiors
Internal engineering systems

Main idea and goal

OFFICEPROJECT architects have designed a modern multifunctional office with the ability to use all relevant forms of work, such as Agile and Activity Based.

We created many opportunities to increase productivity and engagement, the focus in technology was on mobility and variability of forms of work: a standard desktop, a meeting room, quiet places for concentration and focused work, areas for stand-up operatives, quick meetings, discussion of presentations with the possibility presentations on the big screen, video conferencing for a large number of people, sofas and ottomans for informal discussion of ideas… There is a large transformable multifunctional area for gathering the entire team across the company.

Technological solutions

Particular emphasis was placed on the comfort of working in open space: the acoustics for open ceilings and a large number of hard reflective surfaces were solved using acoustic panels made of wood shavings. The entire floor slab is evenly covered with sound-absorbing material.

Air handling units have been designed, which only serve the customer’s floor. An additional cooling system based on the VRF system is provided, which operates in the winter season.

Unique and unusual solutions

We wanted to create a non-standard open space. Using the principles of landscape design, we avoided hard lines and straight intersections, flat horizons of lamps or cabinets. We chose Scandinavian design and space design in the IQos style as a basis (the lines of the counter and benches turning into a high counter, mirror materials…) The result was a light interior with light wood and Scandinavian motives. At the request of the customer, bright color accents were placed in the furniture for pep and youth team.

Customer comment

St. Petersburg office is the headquarters of the Region North.

In the office, they are represented as field workers, whose work is aimed at promoting potentially reduced risk products, traditional tobacco products, as well as supporting functions from finance to human resources.

Office zoning is based on the principle of strategic priority. The driving forces of the company are located as close to each other as possible in order to maintain smooth communication.

In the absence of offices of the branch management, the level of communication has increased and the decision-making process has accelerated.

There are fewer stationary workplaces, some employees spend more time outside the office, but the office provides many zones with hot-desks, as well as zones with lounge sitting.

The main goal that we had during the implementation of the project was to create the most open, aesthetically holistic and comfortable working space for all employees. The office turned out to be light, cozy, not overloaded with color and details, and most importantly, functional. Moving away from the corridor-office layout has made it possible to improve the process of interaction and cooperation within the organization. The absence of barriers helps to solve business problems efficiently and quickly.

The project team

Design: Anna Kasyanova, Denis Lobanov
Implementation: Igor Eroshkin, Ekaterina Sautkina, Venera Zakirova, Alexander Ovanov, Anastasia Talysheva

In imperial strict Saint Petersburg, architecture is fully echoed by nature. It was here that, as a student, knocking off my step and breathing from the wind, I ran from place to place, warming myself in Soviet coffee houses and falling in love with coffee. When we started this project in 2018, the city was as defensive, throwing snow and rain on our team. We really missed a simple ray of sunshine! So Anna Kasyanova designed this office on a clear sunny day – a house where the sun often visits and with pleasure.