Type of Premises
Sales office
Area To Design
600 м2

3rd Yamskogo polya Street 9, Moscow

Design stages

1) Concept
2) Sketch Design
3) Working documentation
4) Designer supervision

The main idea and main task of the project

The main task is to make an office and a showroom for a lighting company, to create a space in which various lighting scenarios and lighting equipment would organically fit into the interior. At the same time, it was necessary to provide for a large number of different zones for working with both customers and suppliers.
The main challenge was to make a good interior that would be a backdrop for lighting, but would not be boring.

Technological solutions

The basis of this project is lighting design. The main technological solutions are related to lighting – this is a programmable RGB ceiling, programmable lighting scenarios for both zones individually, and lighting scenarios within the zone itself, this is a wall projection using 3d mapping, a huge number of automatic sensors for light operation.

Light protection is fully automated and is presented in 2 versions: roller blinds and roman blinds.

In this project, many other atypical, unusual solutions have been implemented:

  • Concrete block stair railing
  • Homemade embossed decorative plaster
  • Decorative structure above the kitchen on the 2nd floor
  • Transparent partition between open space and lounge area
  • Long wall cabinet that starts from the entrance and continues into the room
Customers comments

The office became the starting point for a new project in our group of companies. We are in the lighting business, and the Estetta office is the project office. We are engaged in the creation of lighting solutions from concept to installation.

The main thesis was to demonstrate lighting trends without arranging lighting exhibitions, organically fitting lighting into the interior for a comfortable stay there for employees and guests of the company.

There are also 2 special rooms in the office, where you can get to know not only trends in office lighting, but also how light works, and how it can affect the interior and our mood. This is a classroom and laboratory.

Office layout implies more public spaces for discussing projects with guests or company engineers. And also for conducting trainings and presentations. Living room, library, winter garden, classroom – in all these rooms it is possible to hold a presentation of a product or arrange a meeting with a client.

The main task in organizing the space was “not to harm”. Initially, we received a good 2-storey room with high ceilings, a winter garden and a garage for 2 cars, which was converted into a classroom. The main point of attraction was the stairs. A bold solution was proposed by the architects to implement the staircase walls with hollow concrete blocks. This was the most difficult part of the design approvals, and there were doubts among us, the builders, and the architects, it seemed to me, too. The block opening was supplemented with vertical built-in light lines and a huge glowing RGBW ceiling. This solution attracts the attention of all our guests and never ceases to delight us, setting a bold and creative mood in the office.

Project team

Project architect: Lobanov Denis
Design ideas: Solopova Svetlana, Kasyanova Anna
Architects: Balukova Julia, Zakirova Venera

Svetlana Solopova

How to show the light? The easiest way is to fill everything with white, then the lighting looks especially impressive. But how to live in such an interior?

We were faced with the task of making an interior that would remain a good background for lighting, but would not be boring. It is a pleasure to hold lighting presentations in it, and outside of presentations it is a pleasant interior. This space favorably represents work, home and even street lighting. We also wanted to show the play of light and shadow, so we used textured surfaces in the interior. Concrete blocks do this well, too – they cast beautiful shadows that turn into a pattern.